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INTERNAL AUDIT Advisory Services for Small Medium Enterprises (SME's), Corporate and Non Profil Organisations

Internal Audit advisory services that truly adds immense value to your business in a very cost effective and strategic manner:

Our experience is that internal audit is often a compliance focused exercise that adds little or no value to the business.

AusAsia Institute provides internal audit solutions that will assist you achieve your strategic objectives and transform your business through efficient and effective business processes and controls.

AusAsia Internal Audit solutions include:

1. Risk based internal audit planning and programs

2. Alignment between your internal audit plan, business plan and risk appetite and assessment

3. Senior experienced resources to provide strategic reviews and investigations

4. Quality assurance over your internal audit plans, reviews and reporting

5. Internal audit training and coaching

6. Risk based internal audit methodology and tools

7. Peer reviews of internal audit functions to improve performance



AusAsia Institute provide you with access to our strategic alliances in Australia, Asia, UK and Middle East regions, that have specialists with more than 20 years cumulative business and professional experiences in:

Varied Risk Management Related Consulting Services for diverse industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, automotive and government sectors.

Risk Assessment Tools and Reporting

Internal Audit

Business Internal Controls and Processes

Fraud Risk Mitigation Strategies

Compliance Monitoring and Testing

Emerging Technology – Information Security Awareness

Strategic Business Advisors 


AusAsia Cultural Business Strategies Consulting and Training

  • Are you uncertain of what your next steps are to a profitable “AusAsian” business? Are you ready to proactively manage your forthcoming and/or ongoing challenges in growing your Asian business?
  • Are you planning to expand into Asian markets to grow your business?
  • Are you struggling to build lucrative relationships with your Asian clients, business partners and/or employees?
  • Do you lack structure, products/services, offer and find it hard to ask for that sale from your Asian clients, business partners or collaboration from your cross-cultural employees due to cultural differences?

We assist our diverse AusAsian clients in building highly effective cross –cultural bridges of communication with their Asian counterparts to establish long term trusting and lucrative win-win business relationships.

Why would you appoint Rachael Mah to be your mentor and trainer?

Here are your key benefits:

  • Hands on practical advice by an Australian with Asian heritage who lives, breaths, speaks and conduct AusAsian Cultural Intelligence from childhood till present with in depth Asia and Australian professional and personal experiences of successes and failures in the corporate arena.
  • Monthly in housed group coaching and advisory sessions for addressing various challenges, strategy and action plans.
  • Access to valuable and practical AusAsian strategies that we will be working on for more detailed steps in your approach with your specific Asian market.
  • Weekly personalized email to answer any further questions that can be easily responded by emails.
  • Confidential support calls that is solely maintained for you and your organization’s best interests.
  • Huge accountability and follow up structure.


The AusAsia customized investment programme for you and your business can be for either:

1.  An inhoused Group Advisory support for group of 10 - 20 delegates by face-to-face and/or teleconference session

2.  Executive advisory 1:1 Advisory Session – 30 minutes per week or per fortnight for 10 sessions by skype video or teleconference.

Group Packages:

6- 10 participants for a set of 10 weekly or monthly sessions of in-house interactive workshops, that can be of either 2 hour per session to 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day and 3-day sessions.

The coaching and mentoring package will vary from client to client as it depends on the scope of work that is customized to align with your key business needs.


Ring or email  Rachael Mah and her support team now for a complimentary 30minutes confidential discussion on how to meet your business objectives. 

Email:  or

Telephone : +61-3-99097181 ( Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Melbourne, AEST)




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