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Internal Audit Report Writing & Communication Skills

Course Purpose

Based on the “2014 Internal Audit Survey Results Around The World”, the Asia Pacific region has the lowest ranking of only 77% in terms of the importance of “Communication Skills Competency” as compared to all the other regions around the world, where their emphasis of the importance of Communication Skills rating is from 81% to 94%.

Report writing and communication skills form the most significant and critical component of any internal audit consulting and audit project regardless of the size, location and complexity of the business under review. Yet, there is an underestimation of the importance of these writing and communication skills in today’s governance, risk, compliance and audit environment.

The global corporate and risk management experience has revealed that the most powerful and value added approach to gain your executive stakeholders’ buy-in and strongest support is by implementing more influential and impactful executive report writing and communication skills . This strategy would assist Internal Auditors to build strong and trusting partnership between the organisation’s executive senior management and the Internal Audit Managers and Staff.

The Company Board of Directors and Audit Committee consult with and rely on their Chief Audit Executives and Internal Auditors to help them accomplish its business objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Engaging and applying strategic executive communications and audit reporting would definitely strengthen the support to/from your senior management and increases the credibility of your Internal Audit Group.

The course has been designed to provide you and your teams with a strong and practical framework of report writing and communication skills to achieve:

  • Clear, concise and effective communication with the key stakeholder, managers and staff in your organisation as well as third parties.
  • Compliance and application of the latest International Internal Auditors Standards to increase effectiveness and efficiency in their role in terms of communication with all levels of their auditees right up to senior executive management level.
  • Gain valuable insights into many live case studies of tips and traps that would help you to improve and implement more strategic and effective executive reporting to your key stakeholders and relevant third parties such as the regulators, compliance officials, external auditors and other appropriate third parties.

Who Should Attend this Program

This course has been specifically designed for internal audit managers, quality assurance managers, compliance managers, IT auditors, internal control officers, risk managers and Head of Internal Audit Group, who are looking for more influential and effective ways to strengthen their communication channels with their senior executive management and operational stakeholders in their organisation.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference

  • Understand and identify who are your key readers and their objectives
  • Best practices in documenting internal audit reports
  • Developing effective internal audit report writing skills
  • Conducting influencing and impactful interviewing skills
  • Construction of audit findings
  • Managing communication styles
  • Revising audit reporting tactics
  • Finalising audit reporting and applying powerful communication strategies

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the evolving internal audit reporting culture and its role in today’s increasingly complex working and economic business environment.
  • Apply global best practices in your internal audit reporting and communication to the Board of Directors, Audit Committees, divisional management as well as, other key internal and external key stakeholders.
  • Implement practical, high quality and effective internal auditing report writing skills, tools and techniques that would help you, your audit team and/or compliance team to execute impactful and result focused communications.

Program Delivery Options and Duration 

  • Classroom based, 1 facilitator
  • 2 day course ( this is a "hot" course topic across the Asia Pacific region)

This course would include a comprehensive workshop manual, interactive discussions, workshop exercises, audio-video (where applicable) and role plays (where appropriate) to engage, educate and inform the delegates in an experiential way.

This two day course is best offered to a group of 10 -20 delegates per workshop to ensure that we can help and support them to learn, implement and practice the key learning strategies for immediate implementation in their current or new role within your department.

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