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AusAsia Executives CQ Mentoring Circle

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher “ Oprah Winfrey

The services export growth areas catering to middle-class Asians will expand from USD$500 Million to USD$3.2 Billion by 2030. These core areas include: Professional Services, Financial Services, Education & Training and Transport & Logistics.

Are you and/or your boss responsible for building or expanding your clients portfolio with Asia,  be it in your local city or into Asia markets?

Do you want a percentage of this USD3.2 Billion Business Now?

ARE you ready to invest strategically in yourself and your teams  with the  AUSASIA CULTURAL BUSINESS SKILLS to substantially increase your Business Revenue in 2017?

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If you are an existing business and want to grow your next 20 years of business with local Asian counterparts and clients, have you wondered WHY you and your teams have been struggling to build trusting and profitable relationships?

Do you lack structure, product and services PLUS offers that can attract million dollar sales from your Asian clients in Australian cities or business counterparts in selected Asian markets?


Are you and your teams planning to expand into selected Asian markets to exponentially grow your business between NOW and year 2030?

If you act quickly you have a chance now to be involved in a series of strategic & effective training in 2017 with Rachael Mah, a specialised International Advisor and trainer who lives, breathes and mentors on AusAsia cultural intelligence across the Asia Pacific region. You can check out the Testimonials and Feedback from some of the leading AusAsia Businesses I have worked with  (Bupa Australia, AutoCRC Australia, City of Greater Geelong and many others.


Top 5 Key Benefits:

  • Hands on practical advice by an Australian with Asian heritage who lives, breathes and sleeps AusAsian Cultural Intelligence from childhood till present, with an in-depth Asian and Australian professional and personal experience of successes and failure in the corporate arena.
  • Exclusive access to a confidential inner circle of like-minded AusAsian Executives via group mentoring sessions addressing various challenges, strategies and action plans  -10 monthly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Direct Access to AusAsia Principal Rachael Mah for specific advice for your company - You can send up to 3 email questions each week that can be effectively responded by emails.
  • Access to valuable and practical AusAsian strategies that we will be working on with more detailed steps in your approach with your specific Asian market.
  • Huge personal and group accountability support to ensure that you are on track with a professional follow-up structure.


We will cover:

  • What is AusAsia culture as most think that all Asian cultures are the same- is that true?
  • How to understand the mindset and behaviour of the Asian cultures that you deal with most?
  • How to avoid poor social etiquette in the Asian market that you work with, that will kill your business deals without your awareness.
  • Business etiquette that works in your favour and what will spoil your time and efforts.
  • Complex communication styles and body language skills that work in your favour.
  • How to run your business with highly effective leadership and team-work skills that boost your business productivity and profits and many more hidden secret sauces to boost your AusAsia business revenue.


Plus you will also get the top 7 Steps you need to take now to achieve AusAsia Success in 2017.

These are truly worth at least more than 10 times your AusAsia Cultural Business Skills Investment.

If listened and implemented well in alignment with your organisation’s clearly defined goals, these steps can bring hundreds of thousands or even million dollar deals from AusAsia businesses your way, be it in Australian cities or across your selected Asian markets.

This AusAsia Membership normally costs $597 per month or $5997 per year- 10 months programme.

You have a chance to get this empowering AusAsia Cultural Business Strategies Executive Mentoring Program for ONLY $3,997 if you register by 10th February.  This gets you the entire 10-month package plus access to any recordings of presentations.

After 10th February, it will be AUD$4,997 per executive delegate.

As a bonus, you will also get a free entry ticket valued at AUD$997 to one of our 1 Day Masterclass events during 2017 in Melbourne & other cities. Look out for our upcoming Masterclass in Q1 2017.


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