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AusAsia Leadership and Team Productivity Skills

Course Purpose

What are the key success factors in leading an AusAsian business or teams of inter-cultural staff?

This course is designed to assist your firm to upskill your teams’ leadership, communication and team productivity skills in order to add lots of value to increase business bottom line and professionals’ career path.

Who Should Attend this Program

Executives, managers, team leaders and employees who are working and leading teams in an inter-cultural work environment. They have a desire to enhance the art of effective inter-cultural team productivity and effectiveness to make a positive impact on the company’s performance and bottom line

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference

Key Benefits:

  • find out what “Leadership” in an inter-cultural environment mean to you personally and how you can make use of it in your everyday work.
  • gives you a more precise concept of the distinction between managing and leading in Asia so you will be able to practise a better and more confident style of leadership with the teams in your workplace.
  • provide practical and workable models that can be used to help the people in your team become “leaders” themselves.
  • introduce you to the key attributes of inter-cultural Asia focused leadership and team productivity effectiveness strategies to build long term trust and empowerment within your teams.

Prerequisite: Completion of the AusAsia Cultural Intelligence Skills Course (1 day)

Learning Outcomes

Understanding leadership styles in the AusAsia workplace and building trust within the teams, applying effective delegation and leading change and performance management strategy.

To strengthen the team’s productivity skills by applying more effective communication skills, listening skills in an AusAsian workplace, styles of behaviour and more effective time management and goal setting.

Program Delivery Options and Duration

Classroom based, 1 facilitator; 1 day course

The course would include interactive discussions, workshop exercises, audio/video (where applicable) and role play to engage, educate and empower the delegates in an experiential way. Supporting slides and workbooks guide participants through the program. This course is designed for 10-12 participants per workshop.

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