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Business Benefits

Are your customers or business partners from diverse cultures?
Do you have a progressive multi-cultural workforce?
Are you getting the best from your cross-cultural teams?

We specialise in training progressive organisations with skilled professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our programs enable team members to effectively communicate and work together.

When organisations add diversity into their workplace, they inadvertently create communication gaps due to cross-cultural business practices, different communication styles, and diverse value systems.

Typical problems encountered include:

  • A lack of rapport and productivity within cross-cultural teams
  • A lack of rapport with business partners and customers
  • A lack of awareness of cross-cultural variations in work practices

Our goal in AusAsia is to help you unlock the full potential of your workforce to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase the business value per customer
  • Increase cross-cultural staff engagement and retention
  • Increase staff productivity and personal effectiveness in the workplace
  • Increase business bottom-line performance

Have you considered the potential gains to your organisation?

If we take an employee's salary of 60k/year:

  • For the first three years, you will have invested close to $200K
  • Productivity impact could be 20% of this ($40K)
  • If staff leaves, cost of recruitment could be 15% (around $10K)

Total impact in this example is $50K per employee (which is equivalent to ten months salary!)

  • Ten employees would equal $500K
  • A hundred employees would mean a $5 million impact!

Imagine what a positive cross-cultural transformation could do for your organisation!

Close those MIllions of Dollars Deals successfully by overcoming your cultural barriers with the Asian markets , both locally in Australia and Asia.

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