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Audit World Conference in Asiapac, Kuala Lumpur, May 2014

Hi to all of you, 

Hope you are all doing well . It was in June 2014- that's what a busy business life can turn time into a fast spinning clock:)

It has been an awesome and exciting month of May.  Major accomplishments included writing my first book on "The 10 Steps to Cultural Mastery in or with Asia" , consulting with private clients with merger and businesses across Australia and Asia, as well as being a special Speaker and Master Class Trainer at the 2014 Audit World Conference in Asia, Kuala Lumpur.  Delegates were from several continents ie, Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Integrated Internal Auditing & Risk Mitiagtion Course- Singapore

What is your evolving internal audit, risk and compliance role right now?   Are you facing increasingly challenging expectations from your Board and key stakeholders and do not know how to manage your Key stakeholders' business expectations in your current Internal audit, risk and compliance role?

If your answer is "YES" or even "May Be", please do yourself and your team a good favor. Find out now how you can gain more support ,knowledge and skills to enhance your increasingly demanding audit, risk and compliance role in the Asia Pacific region.

What our Asia Pacific Clients say ?


How to Mitigate Fraud Risks in Complex Cultures- Asiapac Conference

Rachael Mah was invited as one of the speakers for the 2015 ACFE Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore.