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AusAsia Cultural Intelligence

Implementing cultural intelligence from school to the workplace

Implementing cultural intelligence from school to the workplace - Rachael Mah

3rd Audit World Conference

3rd Audit World Conference  - Rachael Mah

Rachael Mah is Managing Director of the AusAsia Training Institute.

Based in Melbourne Australia, AusAsia Institute is a boutique training and consulting firm that delivers cross-cultural communication, people development and other consulting services with a particular focus on governance, risk, compliance and assurance effectiveness across the Asia Pacific.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: AusAsia Advisory and Training have upcoming events online. Click here for more details and registration

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How to Overcome The Top 3 Risks In The Uncertain Pandemic

I have hosted our global zoom Q & A video conference on Tuesday 31st March 2020 acorss the Asia Pacific Region.


-How can we all stay connected and supportive via web teleconference?

- What are the top 3 risks that we all are facing now and in the future? (economic/financial/social level)?

- What are the challenges that you all are facing in your local environment/countries?

- How can we be more 1. Responsible, 2. Resilient and 3. Resourceful (3R’s) to overcome the current and post pandemic era?

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