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Global Risk Based Internal Auditing Principles for New Auditors

Course Purpose

Today’s new internal auditors, including the risk and compliance officers, have a challenging start into their career in the increasingly complex work and business environment, where organizations are expected to keep their staff head counts low whilst they keep increasing their business objectives and goals to maximize the owners or shareholders’ Return On Investment (ROI).

As a start, do you or your new auditors who are aspiring to be world class auditors in your organization have these top seven attributes?

  • Integrity
    Internal auditors need to exhibit integrity as well as trust, independence and objectivity in all their work.
  • Relationship Building
    Cultivating trust and respect with other professionals throughout the business helps to build productive, highly collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Partnering
    Effective partnering hinges on service orientation, or the ability to go out and execute via partnership with the business and operational leaders including the ability to spot and share best practices.
  • Communication
    Effective communication extends beyond well-written reports and into verbal communication. Internal auditors need to maintain an ongoing and two-way (i.e., talking and listening) dialogue, both formally and informally, with the rest of the enterprise.
  • Teamwork
    Intense collaboration can be required among auditors with different areas of technical expertise. Key attributes include the ability to influence, lead and empathize, supported by sharp business acumen.
  • Diversity
    Changing demographics and the accelerating pace of globalization require internal audit functions to influence and consult with a variety of ethnicities, nationalities, ages, cultures and subcultures.
  • Continuous Learning
    Are you naturally inquisitive and do you refuse to accept a surface explanation? Intensely curious internal audit talent involves people who remain curious within environments that can change on a weekly or daily basis.

Who Should Attend this Program

This course is suitable for new professionals in the commercial and public sector including internal auditors, audit supervisors and managers. This course is also suitable for new compliance and assurance officers who would like to understand how they can collaborate or build leverage with internal auditors to implement global risk based internal auditing best practices.

Prerequisite: The delegates should have at least 6-12 months of relevant work experience before attending this course.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference 

  • Understanding the global trends of risk based internal auditing world in today’s increasingly complex international business arena.
  • Evolving internal audit role in your changing business culture – what are the implications for you and your organization?
  • Top 5 attributes of a successful internal auditor
  • Understanding risk management and internal auditing role
  • How to use risk based concepts for long term audit planning
  • The 7 step process to conducting a risk based internal auditing
  • Process documentation and useful IT tools
  • Audit program design and practical audit fieldwork
  • 5 steps to audit reporting competency
  •  The top 8 communication strategies for your role

Key Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the evolving risk management and auditing global trends and how you can enhance your audit value creation in your stakeholders’ eyes
  • Learn and apply international professional auditing standards in your new audit role
  • Implement risk based auditing tools and techniques to execute effective risk based internal auditing strategies that provides a sound risk management framework to support your Audit Committee and key stakeholders
  • Master and implement more effective cross-cultural communication and reporting with your key stakeholders and third parties.
  • Become an effective and proactive internal audit professional who can add immense value to your department and organisation.

Program Delivery Options and Duration 

  • Classroom based, 1 facilitator
  • 2 day framework or 3 day comprehensive course (NEW in 2015)

This course would include highly interactive discussions, workshop exercises and role play( where appropriate) to engage, educate and inform the delegates in an experiential way. Supporting slides and workbooks guide participants through the program. Live activities based on case studies will cement learning whilst strengthening existing skills, adding new techniques and improved awareness.

This course is best offered to 10-20 delegates per workshop to ensure that proper focus and support can be provided to all the delegates.

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