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AusAsia Cultural Intelligence Skills

Course Purpose

Assist businesses with inter-cultural clients, business partners and employees to build lucrative long term relationships and effective communication bridges that would have a positive impact on the company’s performance and bottom line in the 21st Asian Century and beyond.

Who Should Attend this Program

Western executives, expatriate managers, team leaders and staff who have dealings in or with Asia businesses and vice- versa.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference

  • Identify cultural commonalities between the Asian and Western markets
  • Be aware of the cultural differences between clients, business partners, employees, peers.
  • Apply appropriate business and social etiquette in the diverse Asian cultures
  • Learn the variations of communication styles and work practices in the different cultures
  • Implement more effective inter-cultural communication and relationship building skills for mutually beneficial outcomes

You will learn and work with our Specialist Training Partner, Ms Rachael Mah who lives, breathes and sleeps Cultural Intelligence Skills from childhood till the present. She has international Risk & Audit and Cultural experiences/skills in Asia, Australia, US and UK for more than 28 years in executive management and training roles.

Learning Outcomes

The potential cost savings can be huge for your organisation through our uniquely designed cultural intelligence training course.

  • Satisfied customers resulting in better branding and more business referrals
  • Increased revenue from the current clients & ease in getting new clients
  • Increased productivity and performance resulting in better bottom line

Program Delivery Options and Duration

Classroom based, 1 facilitator; 1 day or 2 days (Comprehensive)

The course would include interactive discussions, workshop exercises, audio/video (where applicable) and role play. Supporting slides and workbooks guide participants through the program. This course is designed for 10-12 participants per workshop.

Group In Housed Training Workshops can be customised to meet your business objectives and expected outcomes.

Savings of 30% to 50% can be gained through inhoused training programmes to ensure that you maximise your learning & Development budget for your organisation whilst you gain premium upskilling of your existing and new personnel dealing with diverse Asian clients, business partners, third parties and peers.

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