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How 5 Human Errors Can Impact Data Security?

Tighter data protection regulations have forced businesses to put data security at the top of their priority list.  However, most companies still lack a strong cybersecurity culture among their employees. 

Are you aware that only 18% of organisations execute regular cyber security training for their employees, contractors, business partners and relevant third-party service providers.

Lack of cyber security awareness training increases the risk of human errors that lead to data breaches.


How to Overcome The Top 3 Risks In The Uncertain Pandemic

I have hosted our global zoom Q & A video conference on Tuesday 31st March 2020 acorss the Asia Pacific Region.


-How can we all stay connected and supportive via web teleconference?

- What are the top 3 risks that we all are facing now and in the future? (economic/financial/social level)?

- What are the challenges that you all are facing in your local environment/countries?

- How can we be more 1. Responsible, 2. Resilient and 3. Resourceful (3R’s) to overcome the current and post pandemic era?


10 Steps to Cultural Mastery with Asia

The 10 Commandments of Asian Business Etiquette

Are you equipped with these top 10 Commandments to maximise your business outcomes in the 21st Asian Century.




How To Overcome Your Major Challenges in Cross Cultural Communication

Do you know how many businesses fail dramatically in closing lucrative deals and/or retain trusting and profitable relationships when doing business with complex and diverse cultures especially in the Asia markets? Multi-million dollar opportunities have fallen into the “business revenue drains” because of varied cross-cultural communication barriers between the Western and Eastern world particularly in the fastest growing Asian market place.

Your secret sauce of international business success is critically dependent on your level of “AusAsia cultural intelligence.

Whether you are ready to embrace it now or later, highly effective cross cultural communication is the major key to success in todays’ age of globalization particularly in the multi-billion dollar Asian market place. 



How can you improve your business profits by 10% or more?

Have you strategically planned to support your Board and key stakeholders to ensure that they have your best audit and risk mitigation strategies to minimise business losses and maximise profits?

Can you and your Board of Directors and key stakeholders sleep at night without big business and audit risk concerns when they have increasingly aggressive annual business goals and profits for 2017 and beyond?

The top 5 international business and fraud risk areas include:

1. assets misappropriation,

2. cybercrime,

3. bribery and corruption,

4. procurement fraud and

5. accounting fraud.


Are your cyber risks under control ?

Effective IT systems are crucial for any business. Those charged with governance (Boards and executive management) aim to achieve secure, reliable and robust systems that support business strategies and deliver value for money.

The challenge is to harness the power of your IT while managing the risks.


With most businesses online and over millions of cyber-crime events each year, now is the time let us help you with your cyber readiness. 91% of attacks start with an email, and the average cost to a business per attack is over USD$200,000. Owners, Boards and management teams need confidence that their IT systems are secure and able to withstand external or internal threats.


PODCAST : What is "MONEY" in the Asian Context?

Aus Asia Business - What is “MONEY” in the Aus-Asian Context?

Is recruiting in Asia different to recruiting in Australia?  Stacey chats to Rachael Mah of AusAsia Training Institute about why having a business partner “on the ground” is vital for success in Asia and on how you can manage risk in Asia and the cultural differences.

Rachael Mah is the Founder and CEO of AusAsia Training Institute, based in Melbourne. A boutique training and advisory firm, Rachael partners with her clients to develop culturally focused business strategies, communication and risk control skills.

Rachael was born in Malaysia and travelled to Australia as an International student when she was 18 years old. She lived with an Australian family in Melbourne. From the get go Rachael experienced the cultural differences.

A veteran of the Asian marketplace, Rachael assists corporates, SMEs and government around the world to win business and build profitable relationships.


The Asian Executives Melbourne Cup Charity Gala 1st November 2019

The Asian Executives Melbourne Cup Charity Gala 1st November 2019