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How Can You Gain More Profitable Asian Business Deals in 2017?

It is common that many of us talk about “Asia” as a block, but the businessman or woman looking to be successful in the region had better start differentiating between Asian countries and its specific local cultures on 3 levels – politically, socially, and economically.

Here is a quick review of 13 countries that I have worked with in both my corporate and business life.  There is so much to share with you, but for now, it’s a snapshot of 3 tips that many people have assumed that they can ignore (at their peril) because they have toured or travelled several times into Asia already.


Lost your Million Dollar Deals with Asian clients - How To Turn it Around

I was at a recent Business Forum and was talking to numerous very successful and established Western business owners(from Australia, Europe, America). We were all VIP delegates by special invite only as this event was reserved  for diverse businesses with Asia focused business engagements.

We were all catching up on some local and Asia Pacific news and then one of them asked me,

" Rachael- I am having so much difficulty to close my "Million Dollar deals" with the Asian prospects in China, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. WHY are they so difficult to convince and negotiate with ? I am so lost and tired of the waiting game and series on endless negotiations with no win-win results. Tell me how my key leadership team and I can navigate around those cultural & tricky blunders that we had probably made to pull over the line of very profitable long term deals".

Is this frustrating business experience sounding familiar with you too?

Don't panic!. You are not alone.

Many Western businesses are venturing into Asia for the golden opportunities with the Asian clients  who are seeking for valuable and high quality  financial services , education. training and consulting sectors.


How to achieve win-win collaboration with your Asian Clients

What is business etiquette?

In simple terms, business etiquette is just a transaction that is carried out through logical moves and counter-moves, offers and counter-offers, a written and signed contract and a handshake. This is the norm for doing business in the Western world where policies, processes and contracts are done up to formalise each purchase or sales transaction.

Is this sufficient to close those lucrative Million Dollar Deals with our Asian business partners and clients?


Long-Term Win-Win Business Relationships in or with Asia

As an Australian with Asian heritage, I have been often asked by my Australian counterparts, clients and friends, ” why do you need to worry about culture – after all we live in a globalised world. Isn’t business the same everywhere?”

From the Asian investors and friends, they would asked me, “How can we do win-win business deals with Australians when they do not understand our Asian culture in our own Asia market?”

The answer is actually “NO” and the reason is more deep-rooted than you might think. It is not simply about business etiquette.



16-17th June Asian Education Foundation (AEF) National Conference, Sydney

Helping our educators and students to build "AusAsian cultural bridges” to succeed together at school, work & social level- WHY  is this important for our future Australian workforce?


How to value add to Australia in the Asian Century Era

How to maximise the ample opportunities available to your organisation by getting your leaders and teams to be ready for "Australia In The Asian Century starting right now?


The Value of Well Trained And Effective Cross Cultural Teams In AusAsia

The purpose of our AusAsia Training services is to assist diverse organisations that are ready to offer high quality corporate training and learning to their management and staff, in order to enhance and improve their productivity and performance to the next higher level in the AusAsian 21st Century and beyond.